Places contained within each Day

This graph shows the distribution of places found within each day of the Decameron. The numbers shown are the distinct values of each place. In other words, this graph is depicting the first mention of any given place without counting the repeating times they are mentioned. We focused primarily on the first few days because our time working with this text was limited. The day with the most places mentioned is Day Two, which can partially be explained by Novella VII because it features a variety of places. The character of this novella, Alatiel, is the daughter of the Sultan of Babylon and is betrothed to the King of Algarve. She is placed on a ship to meet her soon-to-be husband but the ship wrecks and she is kidnapped and taken around multiple places in the Mediterranean by multiple different people. Each of the places Alatiel visits are described in some detail and adds to the number of places mentioned in Day Two.

Some days in the Decameron may have less distinct places mentioned because many of the stories or novellas reference places in Italy, which is the primary setting for the ten storytellers in the frame narrative. Days with more places mentioned may or may not be the result of having more culturally diverse stories, like Novella VII as mentioned previously.

Number of Places in Each Day 22 Day 1 69 Day 2 26 Day 3 36 Day 4 34 Day 5 33 Day 6 18 Day 7 54 Day 8 22 Day 9 38 Day 10

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